Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson were on the set of Water for Elephants yesterday and appeared to be shooting a fancy party scene which could be a fancy party scene from The Great Gatsby, and not only because of the era. Reese has long been spoken of as a possible Daisy Buchanan and Pattinson, with his new short hair neatly combed, certainly could pass for a character in the novel although I’d say right now, he’s more Nick Carraway than anyone else since he’s yet to develop the gravitas of the iconic Jay Gatsby or the spoiled wasteful air of Tom Buchanan. Leonardo DiCaprio makes a much better Jay Gatsby. And Jude Law as Tom? Maggie Gyllenhaal is my Myrtle, Joaquin Phoenix her George, and shocking as this may seem, Jessica Biel could be right for Jordan. Jordan, of course, being a very, very, very secondary player.

Going back to the beginning though, I’m not totally convinced that Reese is right. Have always had Liv Tyler in mind with that big eyed vulnerability. It’s just the matter of the colouring.

Baz Luhrmann is said to be working on a new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby which seems a perfect fit, of course, but given his predilection for casting Nicole Kidman in everything, it’s worrisome to think that Granny could be Daisy. Daisy after all was written as a 23 year old and while they all did look older back then, can you imagine how many lips Nicole would give herself by the end of the shoot to stay preserved? She’d invent a new stage of fetus.

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