I will never not complain about taffeta at an award show. Unless it’s the People’s Choice Awards. And Kaley Cuoco is wearing it. Because that’s where taffeta belongs. But at the Emmys? On Regina King? Regina King, the winner for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie? Look at the way it’s bunching around her breasts. How you’ll never be able to smooth out material in the darts around the nipples. I just… I just don’t understand how this keeps happening. What is the attachment to taffeta? This is a serious question and if you have the answer, please send it my way.

As for Regina, obviously it doesn’t take away from my admiration of her. And how excited Taraji P Henson was for her. And Kerry Washington too. And, given that both Cuba Gooding Jr and Kelly Preston were there too, how excited I was to remember her in Jerry Maguire. You remember when she’s on the phone with Tom Cruise because she’s worried that her husband has been hurt?

“My whole life is this family, Jerry. And it doesn’t work without him!” The way her voice cracked in that scene kills me every time. You know what Google just told me? That scene kills Jake Gyllenhaal too!