LOVE this. Regis and Kelly dressed up as David and Victoria Beckham on Live! With Regis & Kelly today – see attached. Regis actually looks pretty good. That’s a great wig. And underneath the football jersey he seems kinda spry!

As for Kelly … also a fantastic wig. And she and Posh could have a thin-off, non?

Kelly spent the morning walking around shouting “mayjah!” over and over again. Killed me.

Speaking of Posh, Britney wasn’t the only one who called in to the radio this morning. Mrs B gushed about her husband to Ryan Seacrest who probably jerked off to her description:

“(David’s) very tidy, and I am not. Even our "fridge is color coded. David vacuums in straight lines. And if anyone walks on the carpet he gets upset. He"s really romantic. He"s very good at sending flowers and cards."

David Beckham vacuums??? Le Sigh. He really is perfect. By the way - do all cheaters send flowers and cards?

Tomorrow, tune in to Ellen – Victoria stops by and gave a few tips on how to be as mayjhah as Posh Spice:

"Don"t smile at all. You have to look really miserable. Like really miserable. Annoyed. And wear a short skirt, very high heels and a bob hairstyle."

Snort. I do love her self of humour. We could totally be best friends.


Photos from Splash