“Wait ‘til you see her.”

That’s how I’m choosing to read his lips. You are welcome to offer your own interpretations but you won’t change my mind! It fits with the narrative.

In the BBC 3 part documentary The Diamond Queen - have you watched it yet??? - Harry recalls his responsibilities that day: be there to support his brother and hang on to the ring. He apparently tucked it into his sleeve and they cut to a clip of him fiddling with it upon entering the Abbey. As always, he teases his brother cheekily about propping him up, even if he doesn’t mean it, but you can tell, there is a lot of love there, a lot of affection, a lot of memories - they are as close as Diana wanted them to be. Sob!

But the sight of the two of them, dressed in official uniform, so tall, born to look completely at ease in any environment, no matter how imposing - this is what happened when they used to write fairy tales about brother princes; Will and Harry are what they imagined.

As for that moment, the moment he saw his future sister-in-law walking down the aisle, it was pure Harry, right? Always the scamp, never quite able to observe the seriousness of a moment, the forever teenager who couldn’t resist leaning into his brother to tease him, to amuse him, as Will worked to suppress an eyeroll. Was it like this with Charles, Andrew, and Edward? Because I can’t see it.