Chelsy is everything that Kate Middleton isn’t. Kate is rigid, disciplined, pragmatic, and succeeded in achieving one singular goal.

Chelsy Davy...

Knows how to have a good time.

Prioritises having a good time.

And sometimes suffers for having a good time.

The way she looked at the Royal Wedding, it looked like she’d been having a very good time, perhaps for several days, leading up to the event. Which explains a lot. Girl looked rough. And how sh-tty was this dress?

Most of us, and I’m included in this group, would never have let this happen. We would have approached wedding day like it was our own f-cking wedding day, especially as the date of the Prince Best Man. But that’s why Chelsy is Chelsy. That’s what she’ll be Hot Harry’s Camilla. That’s why Harry will always go back. Chelsy just doesn’t give a f-ck.

As you can see.