You cannot say enough about how impressive that day was in terms of organisation and logistics. The only thing that could possibly go wrong was Prince Harry because, obviously. And even he managed to hold it together. It started on time. It didn’t even rain on them. These Royals, they know how to put on a big ass deal.

And this big ass deal was extra important because the Monarchy as an institution has been struggling to modernise. The Wedding of Will and Kate was to be the Modern Monarchy showcase.

The little stunt they pulled off with the Just Married car is a great example of that. It was whimsy and it was youth representing an institution that can be thought of as old, stunted, and inflexible. But, not to be entirely cynical, the reason it worked is because it looked genuine. They looked happy. She looked relaxed...finally! And he, unlike his father years before, didn’t look like he wanted to disappear.