Impressive her resumé since she told Tom Cruise he “had her at hello”. Very impressive. Renee Zellweger’s career choices and the roles she’s taken are almost never sh-t. She always brings good work. Most importantly I believe her. I believe her in every part…even Roxie.

And so the same goes with Miss Potter – playing Beatrix Potter and nominated for a Golden Globe this year, chronicling the story of how Peter Rabbit came to be. A quality film, unlike anything Nicolas Cage does these days, made even more enjoyable by the presence of one Ewan McGregor. Enough said.

Miss Potter was released on DVD this week. Five copies to give away.

If you are interested, send an email to [email protected] with MISS POTTER as the subject.  Note the address. I am traveling so if you message me to enter you will not be entered. Please make sure to title your message Miss Potter so it gets filed accordingly.

One condition, super easy.

Who do you think is the Punk Ass Cheap?

Entries must be received by Monday June 25th at noon PST. Winners selected randomly. Winners contacted by June 30th.

Good luck!

Synopsis: Thirty years old and single, Beatrix Potter lives in London with her social-climbing parents, who are exasperated that she has turned down any number of eligible young men. Her only real friends are the animals which since childhood she has lovingly drawn and made up stories about. She finally succeeds in selling a book of the stories, and it becomes Norman Warne"s first project. He quickly falls in love with both the book and Beatrix and together they carefully arrange publication. This proves the first of many successes, offering her the possibility of escaping from both her parents" way of life and London.

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