Even the most hardcore Renee Zellweger fan would be hardpressed to offer something nice to say about her appearance last night at the NYC premiere of Bee Movie (which, by the way, is delightful!).

I don’t mind the hair. The hair is actually rather refreshing – it’s not a weave, it doesn’t cascade over her shoulders in uniform Hollywood waves, it’s a brave move for an aging Hollywood actress in a town that tramples on maturity.

The problem with the hair however is that it reveals her entire face – a face that has been scrubbed and pulled and peeled so extremely, she (apologies in advance) is starting to resemble a burn victim. Look at the skin around her lips, look how the lips appear to be stretched beyond their natural elastic ability, threatening to snap. Are a few wrinkles really worse than this?

Are they really?

Photos: Splash
Daily Mail