Friday night we had a dinner with the team bosses. It was a party of 10. We went to E Baldi – great food but super small restaurant in Beverly Hills. Anyway, there was a table of 4 right behind us along the side wall. Alyssa Milano was facing out. SO beautiful and exactly the same. Like, luminous and ageless and totally untouched.

Renee Zellweger was sitting across from Alyssa. Bradley Cooper beside her. Which got me to thinking about friendship hierarchy in Hollywood. The less famous, less high ranking people sit facing out so not everyone notices, and stares at, the more famous ones. You can argue, certainly, that pregnant Alyssa was simply more comfortable sitting on the booth seat. But one decision can have many benefits right?

Anyway, Renee looked great. A LOT blonder in person than she is in the photo. Sat ramrod stiff straight in her chair. I saw her have a bite of bread. Beyond that, I wasn’t about to swivel around to keep staring at her, especially not when they were bringing me a lobster salad which happened to be on the specials list that night. Tanya ordered the fish carpaccio and it came on a massive plate the size of an entrée but was only supposed to be an appetiser. Very impressive.

As for Coop – very handsome but seemed tired. He and Renee have an easy way with each other. It looked to me, though my observations were brief, that their relationship right now is solid.

Here they are leaving the restaurant, on their way to another party.

Photos from Fame