With Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda on Saturday at Nobu in Malibu. They all piled into the car afterwards, Bradley behind the wheel and everyone else looking like they’d enjoyed some sake which is what I enjoyed a little too much last time I was at Nobu in Vegas. All of a sudden you stand up and it hits you and for the next hour your friends don’t want to know you anymore.

Coop is enjoying some downtime before he starts shooting The Hangover 2 in... so predictable... Thailand this fall. He’s also apparently in talks to star opposite Robert DeNiro in a dramedy about a player who finally falls in love with a girl whose father hates him but then tragedy strikes and the two men must rely on each other. (Source Deadline) Sounds promising.

As for how things are rolling with Renee, obviously it’s going well. And by well I mean genuinely well even though so many of you believe she’s a beard. I wish I could tell you she was. Very much. But just because she’s f-cked up in the face doesn’t mean he’s gay. Like I keep saying, it’s not a valid reason. A man should be allowed to deal with a woman less attractive without homosexual assumption. It happens every day. That’s not to say however that these two aren’t a little co-dependent. Couples can share insecurity, non?

Photos from Wenn.com and RHS/Splashnewsonline.com