They were in New York, they spent time in Mexico last week, now they’re back New York, spotted en route to a show last night on Broadway. Right now Renee and Coop are inseparable lovers. If I were Bradley Cooper’s inseparable lover I would be happy as sh-t. When I get happy I eat. It would be nice if Renee could be happy and chill out on her militant emaciation. But for some girls, getting happy makes it worse inside their heads. Because then it becomes about staying happy. Easy riddlers, happy here is not a euphemism for drugs. Happy means contentment.

But that’s not to say that Coop doesn’t have his own ego issues. This after all is a Double Actor Relationship. They’re all f-cking nuts. And the disappointment of The A-Team right now probably isn’t helping on his end either.

There’s a rumour floating around however that Coop’s next project will be a romantic comedy called Which Brings Me To You with the newly single Kate Winslet. I mean...

My Smutty Sense just got really excited.

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