Like Renee Zellweger before her, Sophia Bush is seeking to annul her marriage to Chad Michael Murray, citing "fraud" as the reason behind the decision. Fraud indeed. The poor girl married a dickhead who found it impossible to stay faithful, so I"d say "fraud" pretty much sums it up. I do feel badly though. I feel badly for all those young, impressionable fans out there like Casey, who emailed me in an adolescent rage several weeks ago to defend her desperately affected idol. But take heed, juniors. This is just the beginning. And while I know it stings like a bitch right now, to find out that the object of your affection turned out to be an asshole, it is nothing compared to the complete devastation you will feel when you find out that your next object of affection is gayer than glitter. It is every urban woman"s rite of passage. And the pain will subside, I promise.