Aside from the fact that she has a seriously disturbed (read: non existent) relationship with food, I do like Renee Zellweger. I believe her as an actress. She is incredibly versatile, she is not always Rachel Green, she seems truly committed to her "craft", and since getting through the initial bullsh*t of paying her dues in Hollywood, she has made consistently respectable film choices without the shame of having something like "A View from the Top" on her acting resume. Yes, gossips. That was indeed a jab at my Gwyneth. The problem with Renee is that she looks miserable. Always miserable. Always with that lemon pucker, accentuated by the bulimic jaw and the sad little squinty eyes. I desperately wish Renee would show some teeth for a change, light up her face, inject a little spring into her smile…but I know it"s hard for her. I know Jim disappointed her, I know George respected her too much to love her in his selfish way, we all know Kenny didn"t love her enough to overcome his love for other things, and it"s too bad those little onset dalliances with no name crew members just can"t seem to excite her. But I do have hope. Like Sandy Bullock, Renee will find it later in life. If she doesn’t die of malnutrition first. Check out Renee at the Women"s Action Network for Children Conference - a rare appearance since she"s immersed herself in the Beatrix Potter biopic. Another excellent casting choice, if you ask me. One that will hopefully earn her the elusive Best Actress Oscar she so clearly deserves.