So Renee’s been in town for almost 3 weeks shooting a movie. First week she’s at Starbucks getting a coffee. A man orders behind her, he’s downtown with his daughter taking photos of the bears. Not real bears, fake bears, don’t it ask…it’s the lamest city promo thing, I’m too embarrassed to describe it. Anyway, a few fans come up to Renee, they ask her for her autograph, she obliges, she’s really nice about it, and so the man with the daughter takes out his camera for a photo…at which point she completely loses her sh*t. She starts yelling, she starts cussing, “I really f-cking wish you would take my f-cking picture! Are you paparazzi???” And he replied that he wasn’t, that he was there with his daughter taking photos of the lame, embarrassing bears, and he asked if she’d like him to delete the photos, and she said yes, and she went on a little more about being photographed “all f-cking day” and how she wished he would just talk to her normally, and it’s almost kind of sad when you think about it and if not for the trucker mouth, I’d probably be more sympathetic but… WTF??? Fast forward a week later. Safeway – grocery store. Renee does her own shopping, she’s in the parking lot, on her way out, a woman bumps into her cart accidentally, and Renee snaps again, “Why don’t you watch where you’re going???” Then a couple of days ago, Renee is filming on the east side, sitting on the lawn during break with her bodyguard, a young girl walks by with a dog. Renee says, “Now THAT’s what’s missing in my life”, and then she offers $2,000 to the girl in exchange for her dog. They laugh, they joke, Renee keeps throwing out the dollar amount, the girl eventually walks away unwilling to give up her dog, Renee remains dogless and quite likely on meds.