Still don’t think my sources are right on? Take a look at Anna Kournikova from the GM event the other day. Do those look like healthy arms to you? Does this look like the same athletic girl who pretended to be a tennis player? Take a look at that jaw. You know what my friend Dr. Beth calls this kind of jaw? It’s a bulimic jaw, y’all. The kind of jaw that protrudes and gets pointy on the corners from too much throwing up. For further reference, please see Renee Zellweger. Trust me, gossips. Compare and contrast. Anna didn’t always look like this. In fact, she used to have a cute little doughy face – young and fresh, not stunning, but easy on the eyes and definitely on the male straight loins. And her body was legendary. Lithe and still curvy, great ass, strong, slim thighs…it was a perfect physique. But like so many before her, Anna has succumbed to the celebrity skinny demon. And I can guarantee you Enrique isn’t happy about it. Something tells me the less one eats, the less one f&cks. Now what kind of Latin red hot lover would be satisfied with that???