I interviewed Keri Russell at Sundance for Waitress. She had just announced her pregnancy and she was beautiful. Lovely skin, lovely healthy glow, sweet shy demeanour … at the risk of sounding cheesy, I was totally enchanted.

Then she arrived last night full of bones and not much else. We were right behind her when she was posing at the 2nd photo wall and I swear the shoulder blades could have cut glass. And her skin had that thin wonton dumpling way about it – like when there’s not enough meat to fill the entire pocket and the filo gets puckered. Wasn’t attractive.

The thinnification of Keri Russel makes me sad.

And the thin maintenance of Renee Zellweger has reached epic status. Not eating has apparently sucked even the eye fat out of her sockets. How does the woman see???

You should have seen her posing though. I’ve never seen a woman pose so … hard. Like hard. Like she is clenching and pumping out every muscle in that body, cocking her hips, rolling her shoulders… kinda gross because you can almost hear her bones scraping together from the effort, to say nothing for that face. That face that has been overtreated and overburned beyond recognition.

Remember Samantha’s chemical peel in Sex & the City? Isn’t that Renee’s face all the time?

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com