Renee Zellweger’s SnapFace was all lit up last week on promotion for Leatherheads. Stuck on a train with George Clooney for days, without the younger Sarah Larson around, Renee had George all to herself. She seemed to be delighted.

They posed together recently for the cover of UK Marie Claire. During the interview, George expressed that Renee was one of his “dearest friends” and both explained that they’ve been close for a decade. They respect and honour and understand each other. They just don’t have sex.

Because George likes dirty girls.

Which is why Renee last night looked so forlorn. More so than usual. Let’s play photo analysis and assumption, shall we? When we psychologise people we don’t know at all based on nothing but perceived body language from just a few pictures?

Love photo analysis and assumption. My favourite game.

You will note – Renee is almost grimacing when forced to stand next to the happy couple. And as he kisses her on the side of the head, the pain on her face – it’s like he’s pouring vinegar on her face right after microderm abrasion. Note the shot of them standing side by side: poor Renee is fighting back hope, while he obliviously smiles next to her – the smile of a dude who’s like… yeah, I love her like my sister.

I’ve been there, I know how this feels. It sucks to be the “’friend”. Renee is the “friend”. And Renee wants to be more than the “friend.” Trust.

PS. Really wish she wouldn’t try so hard to pose. Some things just aren’t effortless for some people. Every time she works it on a carpet she looks like she’s about to blow a blood vessel. Still… at least she didn’t look so peeled for a change last night. Tears can sting badly on freshly scrubbed skin.

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