As I’ve already noted on previous occasions, it is not a relaxing exercise watching Renee Zellweger posing on a carpet. So much effort is involved. The first time I covered the Costume Institute Gala it was with my friend Lara – hi Lara!!! – and we were obviously jerking off over every single arrival and I remember standing beside Lara as Renee was doing her thing, and afterwards, after she had ducked into the doors, both of unconsciously started rolling our shoulders and turning our necks, as if we needed a massage, just from seeing Renee lock her body into place for the cameras. It makes me so sad that she has to work so hard for the shot.

Here she is last night in Carolina Herrera, per usual, but shocker! it’s not strapless. For Renee, as you know, it’s always a strapless Herrera. Bonus points then for changing it up. No points for the all one colour situation that appears to be endemic to this event. Now take a look at that no calorie back.

On Renee it doesn’t seem like much fun, does it? On Renee it seems a little medieval. Pretty sure that’s not the intent.

But what would you do if the ex-boyfriend was coming too? Bradley Cooper was there with his mother. Renee was close with the mother when they were dating. That girl has confidence issues to begin with, you exacerbate that with a former lover and, she probably ran 30 miles yesterday and will do it again today, poor thing.

Photos from Stephen Lovekin/Larry Busacca/