Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper in LA on Saturday – he picked her up at her hotel, as you can see she’s carrying what looks like an overnight laundry bag (?), and they drove over to another hotel, the swanky pink Beverly Hills Hotel (if you bring your dog along, they provide cookies with his/her name on them), for, presumably, a short sexy sleepover. My preference is modern for hotels. Not really down with the old school décor of places like these. But it’s the service that sets them apart. Perfect for a few stolen hours of loving before another work separation. More on that later.

Point is – there was some bullsh-t report that week that Snap & Coop are over?

Not over.

Having said that, there will be temptation in Vancouver. The girls here are gorgeous. And so many of them want to be LA.

Photos from GVK/GABO/