Tonight at the Berlin Film Festival opening, Renee Zellweger, jury member, arrived on the carpet in a sateen lavender strapless gown. What else? Always a strapless gown. She loves her shoulders, non? Well, she works hard on them. She hits the gym hard for them. She drinks a lot of coffee and doesn’t eat much for them. So why not. Only the difficulty with the bare shoulders is that it’s really, really, really obvious when they don’t match the face. Her foundation discrepancy continues. And she’s passed it on to Coop! He had the same problem the other day.

Renee’s face these days is lot less taut. Michael K at Dlisted calls her Squinty. I call her SnapFace. Much less squinty snappy now, non? Renee is in love with Coop. And since Renee’s been in love with Coop, SnapFace has receded remarkably. Good. She looks softer and happier. Those who’ve observed her say it’s much less tense in Renee’s world. Would you ever have predicted this for Zellweger and not Aniston?

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