Fresh off her minibreak with Bradley Cooper in Spain, where he was spotted stroking her ass and kissing her in a church, Renee Zellweger returned to New York for a photo shoot today with red lips covered under a sheet.

As you can see, Renee’s eyes are open all the way. It’s the Coop effect. And a victory over Jennifer Aniston?

He was double dealing and appears to have made a choice.

Meanwhile Jennifer is busy trying to look happy and perky with Gerry Butler on set.


Coop > Spittle every day.

Renee has a new movie coming out soon – My One and Only due out next week with Kevin Bacon and Alec Baldwin. Snappy plays a woman scorned who goes on a road trip with her two sons on a quest to find herself. Or something.

She’s not exactly box office magic…

This one doesn’t look like it’ll change her streak.

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