Renee Zellweger covers the July issue of British VOGUE, have you seen it yet?

Bridget Jones’s Baby comes out in September (I wonder if it’ll be at TIFF) so I feel like it’s a little early to start promotion for it but they may have had to time it this way for editorial schedules and other cover commitments. As previously mentioned, I was excited after the trailer came out. I was excited to spend time with Bridge again. And I’m excited for Renee, that she’s spending time being Bridge, after she has spent a lot of time away from Hollywood. Renee told VOGUE that she deliberately stopped working for an extended period, needing to find “anonymity” and get away “from the sound of my own voice” because she doesn’t think you can be a “good storyteller if you don’t have life experiences”. And now that she’s returned, the story she’s choosing to tell, or revisit, is Bridget’s. This is so interesting to me, in a good way. How does distance change your perspective on what you used to know?

During her break, Renee also fell in love. Here she is with Doyle Bramhall at LAX yesterday kissing on the escalator.