Weather’s been vile in Vancouver. Rain, rain, rain, rain. Ugh. But that also means it’s snowing in the mountains. And this is good. The Olympics, they’re so close.

Anyway, Renee Zellweger’s been in town hanging out with Bradley Cooper. When he goes to work, she chills at the neighbourhood coffee house. Walks there in the rain with her Burberry umbrella and sunglasses and, just like us, or even a gossip blogger whose internet connection occasionally craps out, sets up her laptop and gets to work for a few hours. Yes. Hours. Throwing back coffee after coffee.

I don’t drink coffee. Everyone around me drinks coffee. But I get too hopped up on coffee it gives me the shakes and I am already high strung as it is. Perhaps if I did drink coffee I would eat less? Seems to work for her.

Am told Renee was in good spirits, playful, and friendly. Love really works for her.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images