Renee Zellweger spent the final days of shooting with Bradley Cooper in Vancouver working out together at Steve Nash gym, quiet dinners, low key love, and then they returned home to LA on the weekend to spend time with family for the holidays.

Yesterday Renee was spotted on a walk with some parents. One photo agency is identifying them as her parents. Yet another is reporting that these are Coop’s folks Gloria and Charlie. For our smutty purposes, let’s go with option #2. SnapFace is getting in with mom and dad. Oh la.

After spending the afternoon trying to impress the futures, Renee and Coop then ventured out on their own for a movie. First househunting, now family introductions… you know this means Ok! Magazine will have them married in a week. And remember, Coop had a choice 6 months ago. He chose Renee over Aniston. Oh sorry…was that petty?

Photos from and Pacific Coast News