All week we’ve had to look at this: the desperate hard-posing of Renee Zellweger in New York making appearance after appearance with her SnapFace to promote My One & Only.

Last night at Letterman it was even more extra.

The effort that she’s putting into these photos seems painful and, frankly, rather embarrassing.

This is a first class actor, a skilled artist, a versatile performer. Renee shouldn’t have to resort to this kind of bullsh-t. She is not Jessica Biel. But she is determined to be the sexy pretty stylish girl. And her therapist has probably told her – you can be who you want to be! It’s what Renee Zellweger has in common with a deluded contestant on American Idol who cannot hold a tune but who was raised by parents with the mantra – if you believe in yourself, your dreams will come true!

Confidence is important, yes. So is perspective.

What do I know? I’ll never be a parent.

But we digress.

We left off frustrated with Renee Z. Even Letterman seemed frustrated with Renee Z. During the interview they talked about a taco place she opened up in East Hampton and then suddenly Dave produced a guacamole piñata with two sticks and Renee starts squealing that “I’m a girl!” repeatedly and I wish he would have grabbed her by the shoulders to shake her – not it’s not that you’re a girl, it’s that you don’t f-cking eat. Now mainline some guacamole.

Photos from and Richie Buxo /