SnapFace Renee Zellweger was at Letterman last night promoting her latest New In Town which, unfortunately, is getting totally eviscerated by critics. Add to that the fact that it’s Super Bowl weekend and Snappy’s chances at owning the box office on the strength, or weakness, of a formulaic rom-com (redundant?) are not good.

Still, she’s a professional. She’s doing her job. And posing very, very hard. As always. Even harder than Victoria Beckham. Seriously. Renee just might be the only star who poses harder than Posh. I’ve watched it in person several times. You can hear her muscles grinding into place, feel her pulse pounding, smell the sweat – it’s terribly unnatural and then completely endearing.

She tries, you know? She tries to fit herself into a little box that wasn’t made for her but she keeps trying.

Good news?

Her face seems slightly less tautly stretched than usual. Like not so snappy. Just me?

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