The cast of The A-Team is currently promoting the film in Europe. And now they need to more than ever since the movie’s domestic take was rather underwhelming. Yesterday, it was Paris, a photocall near the Eiffel Tower, once again all gimmicked out in tanks and sh-t. Sharlto Copley wears his clothes well, non? Sexy weird motherf-cker.

While her boyfriend was at work, Renee Zellweger, who tagged along for the holiday, went for a run. Never a day off. Jesus, she looks like she’s givin’er. I wish I had that kind of discipline. Then again, her kind of discipline comes with a certain amount of crazy. But she’s lucky bitch, non? Because one of the reasons BCoop is #1 on the Freebie Five is the French.

Have you heard him speak French? He speaks it for one hot second in A-Team while he’s lancing some broad and he speaks it at length in the video below. Please. It’s f-cking over.

As for their downtime, while in Paris, Renee and Coop doubled with Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy for dinner the other night (Source).  Dinner turned into late drinks at the hotel and Renee and Kate were spotted girltalking the corner. I want to know who they were slagging.

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