Renee Zellweger interview with CNN (thanks Andrea!) to promote My One & Only. A curious little answer when asked about being judged on appearances.

CNN: (Your character) was judged on her looks many times in the film. Have you faced similar situations, being judged on your looks and people not taking you seriously?

Zellweger: Not in such an overt way. I'm not an actress who made her way based on physicality -- I think quite the opposite, in fact. I sort of disappear a little bit, with respect to my looks. I'm lucky. I'm not a standout, kind of knockout kind of girl that, you know, it's all about my great hair or something. But, in subtle ways, maybe. I mean, people presume to know you for something and respond to you accordingly, I'm sure.

Who could she possibly be talking about???

Who lost out on Bradley Cooper to Renee Zellweger???

Do you love it or do you LOVE it?

Having said that…

Sit DOWN SnapFace.

It’s one thing to say she doesn’t trade on her looks. It’s another watching her jut and strut and bend and try, try so f-cking hard, to be the skinniest, the prettiest, the sexiest girl on the carpet. She claims to have accepted who she is. Does it seem like she’s accepted who she is?

Renee and Jennifer Aniston have a lot more in common than you think.

Except Renee can actually act. And has an Oscar and (for now) Bradley Cooper.

Full CNN interview here.

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