Sandra Bullock worked with Bradley Cooper on a sh-tty movie called All About Steve, or something, for which she won a Razzie Award. They’re friends. Now that Coop and Renee Zellweger are over, Star Magazine thinks we should believe that he and Sandy are suddenly f-cking. They’re not. Just like she was never f-cking Ryan Reynolds though the two are indeed close friends.

Sandy is friends with almost everyone.

Including Renee who popped in to Sandy’s for a visit in New York the other day. According to Us Weekly, Renee stopped by on Saturday, one day after it was reported that she and Coop had ended their relationship. This makes me happy. I like the idea of the two of them hanging out. I like the idea of Sandra showing Renee how to have a good time, to let go a little, stop clenching so hard. I worry that Renee will go back to her SnapFace now that she’s single again. I hope that Sandy might stop her. I hope that these two women, in their 40s, might make a movie together about single women in their 40s that doesn’t involve shoes, shopping, camels, or Sarah Jessica Parker. I would watch that. Would you?

Attached – Sandra Bullock with son Louis, and Renee Zellweger, separately, both in New York this week.

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