Most will probably be naming her Worst Dressed today. But that’s too easy. And it’s also unappreciative. Because some choices are so spectacularly bad, they serve to entertain and the assyness of Renee Zellweger last night was amazing. We should be thanking her.

You were gaping, right? You called up your gay and squealed, right? Once every carpet, a dress will do that. Your reaction to the sh-t ones it will override the excitement you feel about the best ones. It is always this way. There is always more delight, more joy, more conversation to be had about the Fails.

So while Renee certainly qualified as a Fail, it was the kind of Fail that enhanced our lives instead of detracting from it. She should be applauded for this. The Worst Dressed belonged to someone else. Coming.

But she’s a crazy bitch, non? Serious unstable vibes waft off of that snapface like a cry for help. Do you smell it like I do?

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