There have been a few emails asking about this story

The story is that Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway hate each other on the set of Oceans 8 because Cate is chill and Annie is annoying. So, good old-fashioned Girl Sh-t. Which is the best sh-t. Only the problem… is the source. The source is Woman’s Day out of Australia. My recommendation to you is that if you read reports like this, and Woman’s Day comes up, forget what you’ve read. Woman’s Day out of Australia…scooping New York gossips on a story that’s happening in New York, really??? If you’d told me that the origin of this feud was Page Six? 100% I’m all over it and I’m loving it. But Woman’s Day? Nothing to see here, at least not yet.

But, seriously, I can’t see it at all. That’s not Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway is a lot of things, and she can grate, I know, she can grate, but she would never disrespect the Cate Blanchetts and the Sandra Bullocks of the world. She would probably actually do the opposite. She would worship them to the point of exhaustion. If Amanda Seyfried was a member of the Oceans 8? Sure. That’s the story you make up, if you’re going to make up a story. You make up a story about Annie vs the Oceans 8 equivalent of Amanda Seyfried. Until then, here are some recent photos of the cast on set.