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Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final flight as Wolverine, opens on March 3. Sarah’s been tracking it since the first trailer came out and is cautiously optimistic. So far, the reviews have been pretty solid. Logan currently holds a 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a favourable 73% rating on Metacritic. Sarah’s review will be posted closer to the release date.

Hugh Jackman was promoting the movie (with a bandage on his nose after treatment for skin cancer) at the Berlinale on the weekend and then went on to South America. As always, Hugh has been generous with press, accommodating with his time, a total professional without seeming like he’s a robot. If only they could all be like Hugh Jackman.

Tomorrow is the 8 year anniversary of when Hugh hosted the Oscars on February 22, 2009. Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture, Kate Winslet Best Actress (The Reader), and Sean Penn Best Actor (Milk). Hugh has been nominated once for an Oscar, in 2013 for Best Actor for Les Miserables. Daniel Day-Lewis ended up winning that year for his performance in Lincoln. You can’t really argue with DDL. And Hugh joked about that in his New York Times profile last week when he talked about walking away from Wolverine, as Logan will be the last time he’ll ever play him:

“The character will go on. Someone else will play it, for sure.” He insisted he was at peace with that, “unless Daniel Day-Lewis plays him and wins the Oscar – then I might have a little problem”.

Interestingly though, I just read an article the other day at Forbes about how “Logan could be the first superhero movie to get Best Picture nomination”. It will make a lot of money. It’s kind of a western, and the Academy loves westerns – Logan is by all accounts gritty, much grittier than your standard superhero movie, and it’s a character study of man who’s come to the end of his run, looking back on whether or not his legacy has been worth the pain. This is not a movie about a dude flying around in a cape. This is a movie about a man grounded and deciding if he wants to claw it back one more time.

Would you love to see Hugh Jackman be nominated for an Oscar for the role that has defined his career? God, SHUT UP LAINEY, LET US GET THROUGH THIS YEAR’s OSCARS FIRST.

I know. I know.

And we’re almost there. Are you?

Duana and I have been trying to prepare ourselves for the bitter bath we’ll have to drown ourselves in if Justin Timberlake wins Best Song for the Worst Song of 2016. We talked about that on the latest episode of Show Your Work. Best Song is looking like a tight category. And there are tight races all across the board this year.

If you’re just coming back from Family Day in Canada and President’s Day in the US, the Annual Contest ballot was posted yesterday. Click here to enter. The prize pack is amazing. And, as mentioned, it includes that Saint Laurent Loulou bag I love so much. It’s sitting in my dressing room, preciously wrapped up, waiting to be adored. I could adore it. I could adore the f-ck out of it. But it doesn’t belong me, it belongs to one of you.

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