Cinderella is screening at the Berlinale, and the cast appeared at a photocall and press conference today in Berlin to begin promoting the movie. (There’s also a new trailer featuring some serious horse porn, if you like big Baroque horses, like me.) It’s official—I have a Robb Stark Problem. Pretty doesn’t usually do it for me but it’s like his eyes are lasers. He’s also wearing the sh*t out of that suit. It’s on the boring side, but it’s appropriately tailored and it’s just so nice not to have to pick on fit that I’ll take it. I don’t understand why I didn’t see this on Game of Thrones, except that Robb Stark kept making terrible decisions and I spent a lot of time huffing angrily and waiting for his inevitable downfall because no one that stupid makes it for long in Westeros.

Lily James is also there, wearing a dress I would actually really like if it didn’t have whatever is happening on the hem. Speaking of dumb TV characters—Lady Rose on Downton Abbey is hilariously ridiculous. Why even bother introducing her? Edith is already there to make regrettable life choices and between them, Edith and Mary are doing the whole “times are changing” rebellion dance. I don’t understand what purpose Lady Rose is supposed to serve.

Cate Blanchett is present and accounted for and looking like she’s barely trying and still more elegant and effortless than everyone else combined. And Helena Bonham Carter is also there, wearing shoes I’m sure RDJ is hella jealous of. Speaking of shoes, Lainey made me order her a pair because no one recognized her fake Canada money as a real thing. (Lainey: I ordered them 3 months ago on pre-order and now they’re saying no Canada!) She had me order these:

...which are totally metal, and better than HBC’s star shoes. Was tempted to keep them and act like they got lost in transit but I didn’t because I’m not completely a monster. Appreciate me!