Pam and Tommy took their boys out for a movie yesterday in Malibu, apparently narrowly avoiding a run-in with Rick Salomon who has filed fraud claims of his own against Pam (she did the same) as they both move to annul their 2 month marriage.

Annulment. Not divorce. Curious.

You will note – Rick is considerably wealthier than Pam. He is not seeking financial support, rather he is asking not to have to provide HER with financial support. Which brings us to intentions. He didn’t marry her for money… he married her for sex. She on the other hand – well… it is Pam after all… and money definitely had something to do with it.

As for the fraud claims – here’s where it gets interesting. Most agree that Rick is pretty much an open book. He’s dirty, he’s amoral, there’s a skeezy past, there wasn’t much more to reveal. She on the other hand…

On the other hand, Rick’s fraud claims could be much more legitimate. First of all, there’s the question of the babies. Or the no babies. Rumour has it, she “took care it” at least twice while they were together. Over his objections. They were together about 6 months. And then there’s her illness.

As you know, Pam has Hep C and allegedly does not take care of herself the way someone else in her condition, raising two boys, might do. Hard, hard, hard partying. Heavy, heavy “happy”… supposedly she keeps telling people she’s only got 5 years, which is why she’s busting her ass to make as much money as she can before the end. Word is, that had a major part to play in why she and Rick split.

But she is the most amazing role model, non? And such a wonderful mother, non?

It’s a mystery – why no one calls his diseased skank on her sh*t. Seriously… why not?

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