Hell yes!

Ricky Gervais is reportedly in negotiations to host the Oscars next year…and if Ricky is allowed to be Ricky, that sh*t will be amazing…

For a change.

Word is, Oscar producers were so impressed by his best-of-the-night bit with Steve Carell at the Emmys on Sunday, they’d like to explore the idea of Ricky at the helm of Hollywood’s biggest night, especially now since he’s transitioned to film.

Unfortunately, no one is giving Ghost Town a chance. Which is a shame. I saw the movie and interviewed him here in Vancouver about a month ago. Darren and I weren’t expecting much: like Scrooge, but at The Office.

Surprisingly Ghost Town is funny. Really funny. And he is even funnier in person. Super nice, super down to earth, totally neurotic, very humble, as hilarious as you want him to be but without making you the expense of his joke…

I love him.

And the prospect of him hosting the Oscars totally makes my life.

But will the Academy have the balls?

If you have time and you haven't had the pleasure - watch 1 to 7: