I don’t understand Ricky Gervais’s decision making. He took so much heat last year (and it was awesome) for givin’er on Hollywood and (some of) the hypocrites in that room. He was vindicated when they asked him back. I mean, that’s pretty much an invitation to swing your big mean dick around the third time around. And ...that’s how they advertised it, right? That’s how he advertised it too.

So not only does he emerge unscathed from last year, he agrees to return, only to...

Give Seth Rogen’s erection the best line of the night.

Sorry. But Ricky Gervais totally under-delivered. And, frankly, I’d expect that from anyone BUT him. Why say yes if only to be so... unremarkable?

His best moment was probably asking Johnny Depp if he’d seen The Tourist yet. And even that landed softly because we already know he and Johnny are down. Ricky, what happened to your teeth? Maybe Hollywood does eventually mute everyone.

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