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As well documented, the general public had a meltdown yesterday when Beyoncé gave her blessing. But many celebrities too. Even Brie Larson:

I’ve mentioned this before, that among very famous people, who hang out with very famous people, Beyoncé still has that effect. They’re “Just Like Us” when it comes to Beyonce. They are just as starstruck.

Congratulations to Beyoncé came from everywhere.


…which should (temporarily) put aside any speculation that the two hate each other.

And Solange, who invented a “proud auntie” filter…

And our butterfly of rainbow and sequins, Mimi, who, naturally, made Beyoncé’s twin experience all about her own twin experience:


#MariahCarey congratulates #Bey and #Jay on their baby News!

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Few celebrities know how to keep a secret as well as Beyoncé. She’s an infamous information hoarder. She is her own archivist. She can sit on a picture (like her wedding photo) for years before strategically inserting it in a new project, for extra eyeballs. It’s impossible to be that locked down without assistance. NDAs everywhere for staff, of course. But that pledge of silence is also observed among her inner circle.

Click here to see how Kelly Rowland refuses to engage any conversation about Beyoncé’s twin announcement yesterday except to offer that she’s “ecstatic”.

Kelly’s been in the family a long time. She knows how this works. There is no f-cking way she’s risking it. She’s not going to be the one.

And then there’s Duana’s fave, Chrissy Teigen. Last night, Chrissy gave us some insight on her own Beyoncé association – only once it was safe. Which you have to assume was pre-cleared by Beyoncé:

Best friend?

There were doubters…because Beyoncé and Chrissy don’t behave like Taylor Swift and Whatever Model. Chrissy played along with the side-eye for a while:  





But then, to clarify at the end, a much more earnest tweet:


“I don’t like talking about it.” Because that’s the first rule of Club Beyoncé: don’t talk about Beyoncé.


You know who has yet to talk about Beyoncé’s double blessing? Gwyneth Paltrow. Is it possible that G didn’t know?

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