Like I said earlier, I’m not interested in a Rihanna who shows up in someone I would wear. Or something you would wear. Why would Rihanna ever wear anything we would wear? This is absurd. And so is judging her style according to the standards of what we would consider wearable. When you look like Rihanna and can work it like Rihanna, it’s a totally different playbook.

Should we get all symbolic and sh-t? Like white is for new beginnings?

Nah. Let’s just say that it was an Elie Saab, loved the regal high neck feather collar, love the gathering at the hip and hate her and love her that she can get away with it, and above all love that she’s bounced back, one year after the infamous beating at the hands of Chris Brown who was not invited to jack sh-t all weekend, was missing from every event, while his peers celebrated the industry, Chris Brown was not welcome. GOOD.

Also attached – Rihanna with Katy Perry and Russell Brand at the Clive Davis party on Saturday night. Michelle found this picture of them cracking up at their table. It’s our favourite.

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