One of those uncomfortable, smutty moments you can’t get enough of.

Jay Z and Beyonce were sitting front row. Of course. Rihanna was sitting behind Jay in the second. When she wins, she jumps up and hugs him, and he’s like – oh sh*t, I am not going to hear the end of it tonight.

Then RiRi tries to hold his hand as they’re walking up to the stage together. Jay not no subtly shakes it off. And it appears as though she impatiently looks back at him as if to say – what the f*ck???

Later on, while their names were being listed as nominees for another category, Hova looked visibly pained to be linked with her again…

Smutty sense went into overdrive. Yours?

As for what Rihanna was wearing – liked that there was a connection between the two cocktails, one for the carpet and one for the stage. Not as spectacular as what she wore to Clive Davis’s party the night before but the thing with RiRi is, she never looks BAD. Which is one edge she has over B.

Because we all know, B can look BAD.

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