This is what happens when Tina Knowles DOESN’T dress you.


Rihanna would totally sit atop the girl crush list if not for gay math. Because Rihanna is only 20.

As far as styling is concerned though, Rihanna is killing it. Killing. It.

Pretty, boring dresses can come later. When you are this young and this fresh and r&b pop’s reigning princess, you can most certainly wear a polka dot bustier and parachute trousers and heels that beg for scandal and green nail polish, though the fake nails suck ass. Low classy nasty.

Despite the claws though, Rihanna is sublime. And what tops it is her hair. So many of them these days, they’re afraid to cut their hair. They all wear it long and hot roller wavy. And light. Like caramel. How refreshing to see Rihanna with black hair. Not brown hair. But black hair. Black hair is good, non?

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