Last year it was Jennifer Hudson stealing her show. But this year there’s a much more formidable rival. Because while Beyonce continues to look like ass letting her mother dress her, Rihanna bears no such maternal burden. Which is why time and again, she is fiercely beating B at the style game. Fiercely.

She has It. She owns It. She knows how to work It and best of all, she wants It. Beyonce is so 2005.

Check it out – Rihanna at the NRJ Awards in France on Saturday debuting a shorter, sassier, sexier ‘do and modeling it with a well practised coquettish turn of the head and the confidence befitting a girl on top of the world. And she knows it too.

Wish I could rock this hair. Sigh.

Rihanna is rumoured to be dealing with Chris Brown. Bit of a maneater, this girl...Boy better hang on tight. It doesn’t get much better.

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