Ri, what are you doing?

Have you heard?

Rihanna and Chris Brown followed each other on Twitter. There's speculation now that they've been private messaging each other. The Twitter world was all over it, and all over her, for the move, and she responded by tweeting out to everyone that it's "just f-cking Twitter", like relax motherf-ckers, it's no big.

But isn't it?

It's a validation isn't it?

He would see it as such.

He would say - well if she's forgiven me, it must mean I'm not wrong no more.

You know where I stand on the wrongness of Chris Brown. Again, and I will keep saying it, forgiveness is always possible. But the onus is on the girlfriend-beater to demonstrate contrition, to be humble, patient, and to not whine his ass up and down the internets because no one bought his album a year after he bludgeoned his lady. I'm just saying.

The thing about Rihanna is that she's been stomping around like she's a female warrior, all tough and sh-t and able to survive it all. Confidence is, totally, a great message. But my ma always says, overconfidence can make you vulnerable. Overconfidence can mess with your head, can make you feel invincible, and therefore blind, f-cking your ass up in the end. You may think I'm taking artistic licence with the translation but the Squawking Chicken has a way of lecturing on this subject and the end result is always a girl with her legs up in the air prostituting herself because she was too dumb, or too arrogant to check herself now and again, to make sure her ego wasn't clouding her judgment.

Believe in yourself, of course. Use tough girl language, go ahead. But don't delude yourself into thinking you're strong enough to face him again. And love him again. And change him again.

Oh Lainey, don't be so dramatic. It's only Twitter. It won't happen again.

That's exactly the pattern of an abusive relationship. Are you kidding me?

Here's Rihanna with Vita Coco, the new face of Madonna's be young forever magic water.

Photos from Vita Coco/Splashnewsonline.com