Oh but they will. Eventually. They have to. They’re too young. And Rihanna isn’t a character from a Stephenie Meyer novel.

UGH! I am still SO angry about the colossal and universal FAIL that was Breaking Dawn. But I have never seen a book so mercilessly eviscerated. The reviews … they’ve been violently and hilariously negative. The best one from the Washington Post. Even if you don’t care for the series, even if you don’t intend to read the books, reading the review is mandatory, if only to satisfy your bitch. Click here.

Sorry… I digress.

About Rihanna and Chris Brown on holiday in Barbados…

As I was saying, one day it will end. One day they will each move on. So for now, enjoy it. Enjoy how perfectly matched they are in that perfectly matched way only 20 year olds can manage. Enjoy her wicked body. Enjoy him enjoying her wicked body. That’s my favourite part I think. Like when he looks at her it’s like he knows it doesn’t get much better. Like for now, right now, she is IT.

And she is.

PS. Remember when she was supposed to be dating Shia LaBeouf? Ew!

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