Have you read Emma Forrest’s Your Voice In My Head yet? Click here for my review from a couple of weeks ago. She’ll mesmerise you the way she mesmerised Colin Farrell…initially. She called him her Gypsy Husband. And according to the UK Sun, Forrest’s former Gypsy Husband and Rihanna have been doing each other over text message. In other words, full of sh-t. This after all is the publication that kept insisting that Johnny Depp would be playing the Riddler. Having said that, let’s just roll with it anyway.

Apparently Rihanna’s been all over Colin since meeting him on a talk show in England last year. She supposedly is the more aggressive one, and he was “taken aback” by her suggestiveness at first.

See that’s your first indication that this story can’t be believed.

Who’s buying that Colin Farrell would be “taken aback” by a few raunchy messages? Please.

Word is they’re supposed to hook up some time soon in LA.

Well, all I can tell you is that he wasn’t hooking up with her at the hotel yesterday during his training session at my hotel. Look, I’m not the kind of person who guilts too badly after food. Not usually. But in 6 days we’re live on the red carpet at the Oscars and I’m not going to pretend I’m not that person. I am that person. I am vain. I want to look tight. And I also couldn’t resist the piece of chocolate cake they served on the plane on the way here.

So I spent 2 hours working myself up to go the gym. Which is how long it takes me to motivate myself. And when I’m that motivated, I get into a particular headspace. Like, I’m almost angry. I think about all the bitches that have pissed me off, all the petty revenges I’d like to take out on someone, and that carries me through the hour. Whatever works right?

The point is, I’m already a little tight-jawed going in there. And I swing open the door and there he is, givin’er on the treadmill while a trainer waits behind him. He’s wearing a toque. He’s very lean. His legs are longer than I remembered. I take the treadmill the farthest away and warm up with a run for 10 minutes. He finishes up his run a little later on and starts on the bench, right behind me. And there follows about 45 minutes where we sidestep each other in this little gym, sharing equipment, exchanging awkward gym talk – are you using that mat? – oh no, you go ahead – yeah actually I’m going to need that – oh sorry – it’s ok, I get it – as he goes from an intense boxing session wearing a silver warm up jacket, while I transition from arms to abs to legs with cardio blasts in between.

Then he took his shirt off for sit ups. While he was crunching his trainer would chop at his stomach. And he’s pretty into it too. You can hear his effort. Some people are silent sufferers through a workout. Others need to express it. I wouldn’t say Colin is like Monica Seles or anything but you can hear him. And he’s in really, really great shape right now. Very lean, very ripped, not bulky. As for your emails about what he smells like – he smells like a guy working out hard, so… not awesome if he was walking by you at a restaurant, obviously, but not offensive in the gym. Kinda sexy, actually. He left before I did in his silver jacket, pumped and pretty positive that he’d finished for the day.

Note: the rest of this article is full of personal detail, not breaking gossip. You should skip if you’re not into it.

As for me, I worked hard, but I have to say – even if you don’t believe me – if I manage to get myself to the gym, I always work hard, Colin Farrell or not. That’s what the two hours of mental preparation is for. Having said that, I wouldn’t say I worked as hard as I do when my trainer Hayley is with me. That’s a whole other kind of motivation, when that bitch is riding my ass and judging me the way she knows I’ll respond. I’ve been with her for 3 years now and I’m telling you this because I did take a certain amount of pride in her influence; that during a water break, Colin’s trainer made a point of telling me he was impressed with the kinds of exercises I was doing, the way I did them in combination – “that biometric stuff is killer, good for you” – and he asked me if I was getting ready for a huge race or a climb, because he’d been paying attention to the intensity…as Colin nodded in the background. And that’s ALL Hayley. She just emailed my cardio plan for today and reading it I already want to throw up.

Many of you message me quite frequently asking about fitness goals and nutrition. For me it’s having someone conscientious enough to push my body to where I never thought it would go. It’s amazing how somewhere along the way, that just clicked. I used to go to the gym and walk for an hour. Having not been athletic most of my life, it’s pretty empowering to know that these days I can actually find myself around a gym and not feel lost. If that describes you, don’t be discouraged, no matter what your age. Email me, and we can help you get there. Beyond the actual movements, this is the kind of confidence and instruction that a wonderful trainer can bring to your life.

Attached – Rihanna at her fragrance launch the other day and Colin Farrell at Donald Sutherland’s Walk of Fame ceremony.



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