'Cause if you let me
Here's what I'll do
I'll take care of you

Obviously I am obsessed with Drake’s video for Take Care featuring Rihanna. But what does it mean? Is it close? Is it too close? Is it real? Is it just real enough? Whatever it is, it’s temptation for assumption. And my assumptions are all over it. And it’s not like they wouldn’t know that either. It’s not like they probably didn’t intend that too. It is exactly how they intended it. And the truth? They’ll never tell. That leaves me, shouting:


But they are not together. Last night Drake performed in Amsterdam. Rihanna meanwhile is in Sydney with Team Battleship to promote the movie. She joined the cast for a boat ride today and was also papped on her hotel balcony taking Twitter pics.

For now then, this will have to be enough.

But also, have you seen the video for HYFR?

I swear I went to a bar mitzvah or a bat mitzvah every weekend in grade 7. Did the situation get as crunked up and out of control as it does here? Um, yeah, totally. I may have made out in an elevator for the first time at a bar mitzvah. And allowed myself to be dry humped on the carpet in a hotel hallway.