A couple of weeks ago, Rihanna and Drake gave us a hand hold. Click here for a refresher. Two nights ago, even though they were both in London, they had to play coy and go to different clubs. I complained.

Were they listening?

Last night, once again, it was the club. But when leaving the club, there was a hand hold…with an added thigh.

I’ll take it. I feel like the field is 18 bases and not 3 and a home plate but, still, I’ll take it.

A lot of you have been asking me about Rihanna and Eminem. Really? Rihanna and Em go on tour in August. It starts August 7 in Pasadena. Conveniently, Drakes OVO Fest wraps on August 4. So they could totally do that together too…although that’s 4 months away. With these two we take it week by week.