Rihanna went blonde for a photo shoot. Here she is, in an outfit I LOVE, last night at the Roxbury. Drake was also at the Roxbury.

Um...what year is it???

And would these two please just f-cking make it happen already, like, permanently?

The reality is...probably not.

Rihanna and Drake are, for them, for all of us, much too easy. And easy is not attractive, it’s not sexy, especially not when you’re famous and 23 years old. Is she back together with Chris Brown? I don’t think so...not yet. I do however think it’s a matter of time, Help. Us. All.

Rihanna will perform at the Grammys next weekend with Coldplay. Which means she’ll be best friends with Gwyneth Paltrow soon. Drake is scheduled to present. And Chris Brown will be there because he’s a multiple nominee. I do not consider this Good For Gossip. At all.

It will be 3 years exactly on Grammy weekend when it all went down.