Rihanna and Drake were both at the Clippers game last night. She went with her best friend Melissa Ford. He went with his boys. They sat apart.

But at one point, Drake went over to see her. And they hugged. And I don’t know how to read this hug. Is there hesitation in her face? Is it because she knows there’s an audience? Is it because she’ll never love him as much as he loves her?

I prefer the shot of them face to face – he’s saying something, and I’m photo assuming that it’s “woo talk”, and she’s smiling. And I desperately want to know.

That’s two days in a row that we’ve seen them get tactile. The night before it was Melissa Ford’s birthday. They all hit the club. And Rihanna and Drake were embracing inside, even though they knew photographers were around. Click here to see the pictures. That hug looks more “more than friends”.

You know what my problem is?

Before the bad thing happened with Chris Brown, I was all about the Chris Brown-Rihanna young love. Jesus Christ, I even wrote about it. A LOT. Click here for an example. Oh My God. 2008. What happened to you?

Sasha and I were obsessed. We’d regularly send this photo back and forth to each other:

When you’re 20, you love recklessly. The way you love at 20 is not the way you love at 26. But you can love at 36 the way you loved at 26. It’s the 20, that time in your life, that you can’t have back. That you probably shouldn’t have back. But NOTHING looks like 20 year old love, you know? Nothing looks as free and as wild. It’s almost always stupid but it’s stupidly irresistible. You can’t look away.

And I think that’s what I keep comparing it to. Those images are so locked in. This is what happens when a romance unfolds so publicly and visually. She’ll never look as desperately in love with Drake – or anyone – the way she did back then, at 20, with Chris Brown. But maybe we shouldn’t assume that’s because she isn’t in love at all. Maybe it’s just because she’s smarter about it than before.