Rihanna’s ANTI tour played Miami last night. And Drake joined her on stage for Work. And by joined her on stage I mean his groin had a meeting with her ass resulting in a song-long rub, just like they did in the Work video.

So. Now we’re all like, OMG, are they? Again? And what about Travis Scott who’s opening for her? Rihanna and Travis were a thing for a while. But it’s been a while since they were a thing. And if they were a thing and she’s sitting on Drake’s dick in front of an audience, how does that go over?

As for whether or not this is all for show between RiRi and Drizzy, when they were in Toronto shooting the Work video a few weeks ago, they ended up at Fring’s one night and were supposedly all over each other, kissing, humping…rehearsing?

I feel like this is just the role she’s assigned to him. I know he wants it. I’m bored and there’s no one else. I know he’s not going to give me any drama. It means nothing. Like, he’s her sidepiece/bootycall/whatever. And he’s OK with that too. Right?