Rihanna was in Washington, DC last night performing at the Concert for Valor to commemorate Veterans Day. This outfit is sick - a black sequined bodysuit under a black sequined cape and a glorious neckpiece to take it to the next level. She looks incredible.

At one point, Eminem came on stage to join her.

F-cking Eminem.

Have you heard about his freestyle released earlier this week? It’s to promote Shady XV. And at one point he drops a homophobic lyric about Anderson Cooper and then follows it up with a reference to Ray Rice beating on his wife, comparing it to how he might punch Lana Del Ray. And if you’re an Eminem apologiser, you’d say it was a commentary on domestic violence. Or you could say that it’s a reference to Lana’s Ultraviolence.

Or he just ran out of words to rhyme.

Or he’s just dropping the same old sh-t, the same creative themes, he’s been dropping for almost 20 years. 

Can you call yourself a master MC when you keep recycling your own material? When it sounds too often during your live shows lately that you’ve been lipsynching? I get that the defence here is that satire should be subtle…but for a man who has raised three daughters, violence against women isn’t an issue that should come with an interpretation requirement, or used as a let’s-be-controversial-on-purpose promotional tool for a new project. It’s almost like he’s worried he’s getting old and irrelevant. Are you, Eminem?